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Trust is the main point

Today I received a call from the friend of some owners to whom I manage a beautiful estate recently renovated and inspired by Formentera.

A unique space, tastefully decorated and where the owners have made a significant financial effort to offer something different, special and unique on the Costa Brava. A Formentera experience in the heart of the Empordà, in Sant Antoni de Calonge.

Joan and Anna had the fantastic idea to renovate what was a garage in a building with a garden and 100 square meters of house with capacity up to 8 people. A capacity difficult to find on the Costa Brava but very sought after.

They were clear about what they needed. A trusted company or a friend of a friend who could handle it during the summer. And the truth is that the coincidences led to her son being an intern at Moll House during the summer of 2018 and from there came a very good relationship. From beer to beer, with a good vermouth and many ideas we set up what would end up being Formentera on the Costa Brava, testing photos, videos with drones and using the property as a guinea pig.

On August 5 we hung up the property and with 10 hours we received the first booking of 5 nights from a family in Barcelona which was our first experience. Very nice people, very correct and responsible, made the family fear that the guests could do something to the detriment of the property and this fact made them trust us as a reference agency in the management of Formentera.

Half a year more late the balance is brutal. Without looking for it, we managed to establish a spectacular bond with Joan, Anna, Joan and Gina and established a friendship. This is the Moll House character. When done wholeheartedly, the work leads to joy, to hugging and laughing to the point where you can rest assured that you know nothing will happen to you on the property that is like the apple of your eye.

This case, paradigmatic on the other hand, it brings us to the point that motivates the first article: trust. Confidence is something that is very difficult to gain and so difficult to lose, especially in a changing environment and with as much competition and delicacy as tourist rentals. Moll Trading Empordà SL, the owner of Moll House, is only dedicated to facilitating tourist rental to owners who have houses, flats, apartments, villas and lofts in the Costa Brava and Cerdanya area, giving maximum confidence and demanding at all times. the same for our guests.

It is vital to make sure that the owner of the reservation is really what he claims to be, that he comes and takes care of what it means to visit a property that is not yours and that you use today, tomorrow another, and past the owners themselves. Tourist apartment marketing technology platforms allow us to create a community of travelers from the farthest reaches of Canada to Sydney, through Austria, Morocco, Germany, Iceland, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and Honolulu. When someone visits a property, as soon as the checkout takes place, you have the opportunity to evaluate your experience. The best part is that this happens not only unilaterally from client to owner, but also the other way around. To the point that you can choose to be in a property where the manager is Superhost (Airbnb), a tax that guarantees you a minimum standard of quality.

On other platforms such as Booking there is the Preferred Partner: a series of properties that meet a very high requirement of cleanliness, customer service, location and value for money, as well as ensuring the veracity of the photographs. We like it when customers call us and tell us that the property is exactly the same as the feeling extracted from the photographs. It really makes us aware that we meet the requirements and what we would like to find if we came to the Costa Brava.

This family with whom I started writing, two days after seeing how it works we were already recommended to people, and now we have been recommended to a woman who has just renovated a flat and will put it on the market with us. Moll House, Feel at Home. This is our motto. Make people feel at home. We want owners to be reassured that while they travel around the world, we will be responsible for generating the maximum benefit to their property, fulfilling and achieving what makes them cumbersome, or have no time or availability to Carry out. We turn it around. On the other hand, we provide customers with a pre-, post- and post-customer service, rated 5 out of 5 (see Google), as schedules and shifts do not exist at Moll House. Customer + Service, our responsibility. Passion for work is our guarantee. Trust, our commitment.


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