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The Amazing Village of Palamos

The Amazing Village of Palamos

With 18126 inhabitants, Palamós is a fishing village in Costa Brava known for its tasty prawns and great nightlife.

If you’re looking for the traditional, small-town vibe that attracts tourists with its beautiful white sand beaches, Palamos is it. Scattered with numerous relics of the town’s Roman and Catalan past, and hidden coves, you can explore the natural beauty of Palamós.

From walking to cycling, you don’t need much to explore Palamós’ great path network to get you from one side of town to the other.

Discovering Palamós

You can visit the archaeological site of  Castell Iberian Settlement,  which is located on the coast of Palamós.

If you’re interested in architecture, there are a few places you can visit to get a feel for the history of the village. They include Barri del Pedró, Cemetery of Sant Joan  and L’Eixample .

You can also visit St. Stephen of the Sea and the Iberian Town of Castell to go back a few hundred years ago.

The village has historic churches as well. At the Church of St. Mary of the Sea you can find artwork by the Dutch and Catalan artists from the 16th century. Other churches you may want to visit include Church of St. Eugenia, Chapel of Carmen and Church of Bell-lloc.

Nature Scenery

Known for its sandy beaches, Palamós offers many choices to stroll and soak up the sand, from Bi Beach and Morro del Vedell Cove to Tamardia Beach, from La Fosca and S’Alguer Cove to Castell Beach, there are so many sunny options to choose from.

Because Palamós is a fishing village, you can also stop by the fishing museum (Museu de la Pesca) to understand the local culture and the fishing industry.

Espai del Peix is ​​also another museum – which is a bit more hands-on – which gives tourists an opportunity to immerse themselves in the styles and methods of local fish and Catalan cooking.

For the wine lovers, you are not left out as the Finca Bell-Lloc offers a winery tour and tasting which is an all-year-round experience.

Where to Sleep

There are a lot of hotels to stay in Palamos according to TripAdvisor. You can also opt to rent an apartment if you want to have an at-home feeling on your vacation.

Where to Eat

Feeling nostalgic by the sea? You can dive right in and dine at any of the following famous restaurants of Entre Dos Mons, Restaurant Dvisi and  MacaBeu , just to name a few.

Discover  Palamos for your Beachside Vacation

Palamos is a great sandy beach village that can take you to island time.

It offers great all-year-round experience for tourists.