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Drinking It Up With the Locals: Wineries in Costa Brava

Drinking It Up With the Locals: Wineries in Costa Brava

Looking to enjoy a glass of wine on the coast of Spain? Discover the wineries in Costa Brava.

To truly get an experience for the country you’re in, it’s definitely recommended to try out their specialties. As for Costa Brava, the wineries are the missing piece to the puzzle of your perfect vacation.

Completing your well-rounded beachside lunch with a glass of local wine can help you truly appreciate the culture of the area and the work of the locals.

Wineries by the Beach

Although you might not have explicitly visited the Emporda Wine Region for its wine tourism, you can still enjoy a glass at the Girona Province.

From joining in on tastings or tours or indulging in a glass or two during lunch, you can even get up close and personal at the local vineyards, which is a possible whole new vacation venture.

Through Costa Brava and Catalonia’s soaking sense of culture through its wineries, there are a few top wineries to visit.

Whether you’ve rented an apartment or are parking it along the beaches across the coast, here are the best wineries throughout the area:

La Vinyeta

Located near Peralada, you can indulge in the homemade wine, of course, but also the locally-produced honey, vinegar, and eggs.

You’ll also be able to understand which drinks pair best with which foods, which can help your future wine and dines.

Mas Estela

To dive truly into the vineyards, personally head down into the cellar and witness the aging and production of the sweet-tasting wines, Mas Estela also has a rental apartment to stay right on the site.

Celler Brugarol

Another uniquely designed winery, this place is catered to history buffs, with architecture structured underground with Olot influence.

Through the slim-exposure to natural light, the wine is truly produced in a very specific environment, bringing out a special taste.

Book Your Visit Today

Although the visits can be a delectable part of your tour of Costa Brava, you have to make sure that you make an appointment before heading in to indulge in local wineries.

Unlike most wineries and breweries in the US and other places in the world, you normally cannot just walk in and assume enjoyment. You have to book ahead of time. However, booking in advance can help you plan out the perfect vacation schedule.